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The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for professionals in different industries to gather on a regular basis in order to network, exchange leads and contacts, in order to promote business.


  • SCVConnections will hold bi-weekly meetings.
    • January – October (2nd & 4th Thursdays)
    • November & December (1st & 3rd Thursdays)
  • Location and times to be determined by majority vote of the Leads Group.
    Osceola Community Church
    2492 Education Drive
    Osceola, WI 54020
  • Our meetings begin promptly at 8:00 am and end at 9:30 am.

Each meeting will have 1 featured speaker. The speaker will be allowed up to 10 minutes, as determined by the group Chair, to tell about their company in a broader scope.

  • At each meeting:
    • Sixty-second individual introductions by each member/guest about what they do and what would be a good lead.
    • Each member should give the group feedback on prior leads and thank-yous.
    • Vice-Chair will report on numbers of leads generated the prior meeting.
    • Vice-Chair will report on the number of visitors and new members to date. Meeting agenda will be set by the Chair.


Officers will be elected by nomination and approval by majority of members to serve for a 1 year term in the following offices:

  •  Chair (President)
  •  Vice-Chair (Vice-President)
  •  Secretary/Treasurer

The members at the meeting prior to election will make nominations for officers.


  • The form in which leads are exchanged should be agreed on by the group.
  • To remain a part of the group you must be referring leads. Activity for each person will be monitored to make sure they are participating regularly.

Leads are considered a qualified contact that you are personally aware of, not something out of the newspaper, etc.


  • The group will consist of one person per industry. This person must devote at least 60% of their professional time to that industry.
  • Membership fees will be $50.00 per year, an additional one time fee of $25.00 will be assessed for first time members.
  • For situations of specialization or overlapping membership, acceptance will be decided by the member who would be affected by the overlap, in conjunction with the officers. (An example of specialization would be an attorney who specializes in Family Law and one who specializes in Criminal Law. An example of overlapping could be accepting a member who does general remodeling when the group already has an electrician and a plumber).

  • Each member can represent one product or service. They must represent the category they are listed under with their local Chamber. In the event someone can provide more than one product or service, they need to decide what their primary business is and represent that one in the group.
  • Members within a group can approve by majority vote certain requirements for membership to the group that are not in conflict with or contrary to the Organizational Guidelines.
  • A group member cannot represent more than one company in their group.
  • Each member will be encouraged to be an active member of a Chamber of Commerce


Officers will be elected by nomination and approval by majority of members to serve for six month term in the following offices:

 Chair (President)

 Vice-Chair (Vice-President)


The members at the meeting prior to election will make nominations for officers.

Responsibilities of the Chair include:

  • To preside over each meeting
  • Prepare meeting agenda and arrange for key speaker
  • Resolve conflicts and make determinations concerning any rules questions or violations
  • With Vice-Chair, contact members about absenteeism, lack of referrals and be the contact for Chamber members and others interested in joining the group
  • Other responsibilities include: investigating meeting places as needed, coordinating promotion of Leads Group at Chamber events and functions by members of the group, maintain contact with Chamber staff coordinator to update on numbers of members, problems, successes or needs of the group

Responsibilities of the Vice-Chair include:

  • Record and maintain attendance at each meeting
  • Record and maintain referral records
  • Maintain current listing of all members and distribute as needed
  • Maintain Leads Group binder
  • Report monthly on the numbers of referrals given
  • With Chair, contact members about absenteeism, lack of referrals and be the contact for Chamber members and others interested in joining the group
  • Preside over meetings and prepare agenda in absence of Chair

Responsibilities of the Secretary include:

  • Assist Chair and Vice-Chair with records maintenance, Group promotions, contacting members, and preside over meetings in absence of Chair and Vice-Chair
  • Resolve industry conflicts at the door before meeting begins


It is critical that we invite quality guests regularly to build a solid membership. Without members, there are no good leads.

  • Guests are allowed up to three visits, after which they are asked to indicate their intention to join by filling out an application; however they do not have to wait three visits to make application.
  • A guest can only visit a group one time if they are in conflict with a member in that group and cannot introduce their business to the group on that visit.
  • Don’t invite guests that you know have conflicts with an existing member.


Regular attendance is important for the success of the individuals and the group. Members are asked to limit absences to no more than two in a row without prior notification to one of the officers in the group. After three absences your profession spot will become open. Pre-approved or extenuating circumstances will be given separate consideration. Please give this time the same consideration as a business appointment.

The Vice-Chair will take attendance at each meeting and at the end of each month will report on attendance and leads for the month. If a member is unable to continue with the group for any reason, please contact an officer of the group.


Each member is expected to bring business cards and other information about their company that might help in the explanation of their company. Other expenses may include charges for printing of Group promotional materials, name tags, etc., as agreed to by the members. The Chambers will be encouraged to promote the Leads Group program at Chamber functions and in promotional materials to encourage new membership, but the Group may promote themselves and their businesses through other materials that they produce.

Any changes in the St. Croix Valley Connections Guidelines will be voted on by the membership.

Meeting Agenda Suggestions

  • Meetings will last 60 – 90 minutes
  • Attendance should be taken by Vice-President
  • The President should introduce him/herself, welcome everyone, and ask everyone else to introduce themselves and give a brief commercial (approx. 1 minute) about their business
  • Guests should be asked to introduce themselves and give their occupation
  • Members should make reports on Leads given to them and the results
  • Time should be allowed for networking and eating.
  • Featured speaker should be allowed up to 15 minutes

Before the end of the meeting the Vice President will report on referrals and contacts for the day, monthly results, attendance, vacancies, etc.


The Leads Group Binder maintained by the Vice-President should contain by section:

  • A current list of all members and attendance records
  • A business card section for all members
  • A guest sign-in sheet and business card section
  • A 6-month calendar in which members can sign-up for presentations
  • Referral and Leads records, member applications

The binder should be brought to all meetings and kept current to be passed on to the next Vice-Chair.

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We look forward to hearing more about your business.
Osceola Community Church
2492 Education Drive
Osceola, WI 54020
Meetings begin promptly at 8:00 am

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