Margo is an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner and Meditation teacher. She delights in helping people regain their health, freedom and vitality.  She works with clients who want to look at overcoming their pain and illness through a different lens – one that connects body, mind and emotions.

Margo has a background in science and a lifelong curiosity on how to remain healthy.  She has learned that much of what ails us – pain, depression, anxiety, diminished functions, reproductive complaints – stems from issues with energy flow. Treatment sessions reduce stress, tension, pain and stiffness, increase energy flow, and strengthens the immune system.

Margo can teach simple meditations for relaxation and emotional calming, increasing joy and reducing stress. Results are highly beneficial—from increased happiness to better health and from clarity of mind to increased tolerance of others.

Margo recommends Bode Pro Nutritionals and SOQI machines to help give you back what age may have taken away. Margo’s goal is to help people maximize their energy so they can live in joy, abundance and flow.

Margo Johnson
Phone: 612-226-7263